Welcome to H2-NRG

As you can see from the site, we are experiencing some technical difficulties. I am attempting to resolve the issues as soon as possible but the site will not be fully operational until I can solve them.  Apologies for any confusion that this causes.

H2-NRG Ltd. is a start-up company aiming to provide “On-Demand” renewable energy solutions through the micro-generation and utilisation of hydrogen gas.¬† Our patent pending water splitting device, the H2-NRG WSD, can efficiently and safely create hydrogen gas from almost any energy source which can then be stored and used to meet your energy requirements.

Electricity, gas and petrol prices are ever increasing, causing concern to many consumers and businesses. Environmental awareness is also rising but consumers are reluctant to increase spending. Hydrogen is widely regarded by many in the scientific community as the answer to fulfilling the future energy requirements of the world. Hydrogen is a Universal Energy Carrier that can meet all of our energy needs; domestic, commercial and automotive. It is an increasingly attractive alternative to other forms of energy storage as it is easy to produce, store and use for a variety of applications. Much research is currently under way to harness the potential of hydrogen and develop the hydrogen economy.

With H2-NRG end users can save money on energy bills or even eliminate them altogether, whilst using an on-site viable green alternative.

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