Hydrogen Burners

Hydrogen is not the easiest of gases to burn safely however we have much experience making and designing safe and efficient hydrogen burners that can be custom built to fit into suitable applications.  One of our interests is to deliver a customisation for an “Off the Shelf” domestic water boiler system. This will enable H2-NRG customers to have heating and hot water from their own micro-generated hydrogen supply.  It will enable feed in tariff holders to better store the energy that they produce during the day and use it at night to achieve cost savings from their gas and oil bills.

 The H2-NRG Candlestick Burner

This is our experimental burner for burning excess hydrogen.  It comes with integrated flashback suppressor and Ball Valve.

Candlestick burners are simple and affordable hydrogen burners and come in three sizes of burner head:

  • Micro
  • Mini
  • Maxi

Perfect for burning excess hydrogen or converting small amounts of gas into heat.

The H2-NRG Burner BAR

The H2-NRG Burner BAR comes custom built to your specification and fits with our 6 principles of


burning of hydrogen. We can design the hydrogen entry points in either dual or single entry and have the entry point in from the side or underneath.

 The hydrogen flame is beautiful however invisible, so best observed at night.



Our burners contain built-in flashback suppressors as an added precaution against flashes however we strongly insist on using a third party flashback arrestor in the pipework to protect your main tank. Our Burner BARs are easy to light with either a lighter or an ignition spark.


For more details contact Charlie