A Word about HHO

I guess that the safety section would be a good point to put a few words down about HHO.

Everything in this site is done with Hydrogen.  We separate our Hydrogen from the Oxygen at the source and keep it separated until the energy is needed. this is primarily because I am interested in storing renewable energy. 

HHO is a stoichiometric mixture (2:1) of Hydrogen and Oxygen and the product of the direct splitting of water. It is a big field of research in many people’s back yards especially in America with both some really excellent, intelligent people and some not so.  In principle it is great stuff and can have some interesting uses, however as a storage medium, I believe that it is fundamentally floored. The reason for this is the classic fire triangle. To prevent a fire you need to control one out of the three constituents of fire.  This is why storing hydrogen with oxygen together is really really dangerous. Heat or an ignition source could have a very negative impact on your storage reserves. 

That being said, in applications where you are not storing HHO, but simply producing it and using it immediately could have beneficial effects. There are 2 other things that need to be pointed out with the use of HHO.

  1. Water is not a fuel. Hydrogen is the fuel, and you can make the hydrogen from water but water is not the fuel.  If you are running your car on water, then you have missed the point.  You are actually running you car on Hydrogen made from the battery that you have to charge up. 
  2. The first and second law of thermodynamics applies to EVERYONE.  “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed it cna only be converted from one form into another.” and “Every time you convert energy you will always loose some”  This has impact on those who believe that they can create more energy than the put in.

If you are working with HHO, (or indeed Hydrogen), Please be careful.