Hydrogen Solutions

A potential Hydrogen solution would involve an energy input, an energy storage mechanism and an energy application, hence the triangle in our logo.

The energy Source can be a wind turbine, solar panels, water wheel etc. 

Energy Storage

We would use the correct sized box to convert the excess energy into Hydrogen, alongside a electrolyte management system nd a vertical displacement tank.

H2-NRG Bubble Box

The H2-NRG Bubble Box is a highly efficient water splitting device that can convert electricity from any source into hydrogen gas, thus presenting an ideal way to store renewable energy for “On Demand” application.  The device is currently measuring ~80% efficient when calculating the electrical energy input over a 12 hour period and comparing that with the thermodynamic energy of the hydrogen gas produced during that time period.  Hydrogen used in this way is a carbon neutral energy carrier.

The H2-NRG WSD is designed to:

  • Be used by an intelligent non-specialist, (Though maintenance options are available).
  • Handle multiple 12 or 24 V DC inputs, i.e. solar and wind together.
  • Smooth out fluctuations in DC input (very common with power generation from wind energy).
  • Use household chemicals that last a long time and can be disposed of down the drain.
  • Run on clean tap water, though deionised water is preferential.

The H2-NRG Bubble Box is currently under the final tweaks of R&D and will be available shortly in a number of sizes.

Alongside the Bubble Box, you will need a complete Electrolyte management system and out vertical displacement tank.