H2-NRG is involved in the development and commercialisation of a number of technologies.

Electrolyser: H2-NRG Bubble Box


We work with some cutting edge alkaline electorlysers.  These low cost, high efficiency machines are perfect for the conversion of different forms of renewable energy into hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen Burner Technology

Getting the energy back from Hydrogen is always an issue.  doing so safely and in a controlled manner is key.  The ideal solution is to use a hydrogen fuel cell however these are currently very expansive so wee have been working on hydrogen burners that allow for hydrogen to heat in a safe and controlled way.  


Gas Management System

Producing hydrogen from renewable energy is all and well however managing that throughout the network and distributing it into a usable form is more complex. We custom build very simple gravity controlled displacement tanks for this purpose as they are reliable cheap and effective.